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What We Basically Do!

Paris Trikkes is based on outdoor activities, highlighting trekking on routes that give us to know the various wonders that nature provides us. The idealized routes allow you to breathe the landscape, passing through places of extreme natural beauty, from streams to waterfalls, herds and remote villages, lost in time, with few inhabitants but with much to tell and to discover.
We bet on the quality of the programs, human resources, and equipment: to be able to follow the best way and so that these are not factors that condition your moment of leisure.

For your family we have created programs adapted to the youngest, their expectations and physical condition, privileging always the contact with nature and the traditions. So you can enjoy unique experiences with the ones you love.

In the discovery of places, lands full of history and breathtaking landscapes has added the appreciation, understanding, and conservation of natural resources.

How To Choice Of Activity In Trek.

The programs that we propose here are:   Adventure activities

This means that they take place in remote areas and/or in countries that have different civilizational standards than we are accustomed to in Portugal.
Therefore, you should understand that in this type of activities/trips you can not have the same degree of requirement regarding the services provided, according to the ones you would find in Paris!
It should also prepare for the occurrence of unforeseen events that we do not control: unforeseen events caused by nature and unforeseen events caused by man. While we assure you that we will always strive to do our best to ensure that your travel program is met, you can not assume that it will be guaranteed that it will unfold exactly as advertised.
If you can not take these assumptions then you should not travel with Lagoa Trekking!

Travel Programs
All the trips announced are described in detail in an Activities Program that describes the course of the activity day after day and provides various useful information that will allow you to evaluate if it will please you.
You should consult them. It is important that you read them carefully to decide which activity best suits your expectations and abilities. (see Customized Activities)

Effort / Difficulty
Most walking routes/routes are designed for participants with no walking experience. The pace will be moderate and adapted to the level of the group, and the effort will be measured throughout the day with breaks for rest and contemplation.
We want you to have time to contact the people and to observe all the details of Nature that will surround us.

Low difficulty: No compulsory effort other than a conventional ride. No technical route without long climbs.
(For people who are not accustomed to practicing sport regularly and/or are beginning to practice trekking)

Difficulty: Daily effort to walk up to 4 hours a day with several rest breaks. These routes can not even force the effort as they may already have some gradients and present technical stretches.
(For people who are accustomed to practicing sport and/or with better physical condition and who are already developing knowledge in trekking routes)

Difficulty High: Daily effort to walk more than 6 hours a day with breaks for rest and with the possibility of long ascents and descents. Presented technical excerpts.
(For people with good physical condition in sports practice and experience in trekking routes)

Evaluate your physical condition

The classification of the difficulty presented is subjective. It is natural that you have doubts about whether an itinerary is accessible to you and about the living conditions during the trip.
You should carefully read the Activity Program as it gives you details about physical exertion (such as the number of hours of daily exertion).
You should evaluate your state of health and consult your doctor in case of doubt.
You should tell us about any condition of your health that may interfere with the regular development of the program or with its ability to do so.
It is very important that you leave for any trip enjoying good health!