General Conditions
These general conditions are complemented by the particular conditions of participation included in the program of each activity of Lagoa Trekking.

1. Registration and Payments
1.1. The application will be considered accepted by sending the Registration Form duly completed and signed or after contact e-mail, together with partial payment or in full of the price of the activity.
1.2. You can make payment in different ways: Bank Transfer, money deposit or check, to the following account:

NIB: 0033 0000 45418719535 05
IBAN: PT50 0033 0000 4541 8719 5350 5

1.3. Enrollment is only valid once payment is confirmed. The client must inform Lagoa Trekking that made the respective transfer or deposit and present the receipt or proof of payment, so that our services can prove it in a timely manner and validate the registration.
1.4 According to the programs, the client will be informed of the deadlines for completing the acceptance of the registration / reservation.
1.5. Entries are not accepted at the place of activity start.

2. Prices
2.1. Activity prices are based, among other factors, on the cost of services, insurance, food, admission to museums or other cultural sites, transportation, etc. The price also includes the Value Added Tax (VAT) in force, except in cases where the contrary is stated.
2.2. The Trekking Lagoon reserves the right to change the prices of the activities when there is variation in the costs of services or other factors unrelated to the company. Whenever there is a change in price, the customer will be informed and invited within the period fixed to him, to accept the increase verified or to cancel his registration. In case the customer wishes to cancel the registration in the activity in view of the price increase, the amount paid will be refunded at the time of registration.
2.3. The activities do not include in the respective prices the transportation to the place of meeting and the personal expenses.

3. Withdrawal and Reimbursement
3.1. If the client intends to give up his activity he must do so up to five business days before the activity in Portugal and fifteen business days if the activity is out of the country, in writing, by mail or electronic mail, otherwise it may occur in payment of expenses , or total loss of the amount paid.
3.2. Failure to appear by the customer at the place, time and date established for the start of the activity, is considered a waiver and occurs in the total loss of payment made, and no claim is made.
3.3. Delays equal to or greater than 15 minutes beyond the pre-established time are considered as non-appearances.

4. Impossibility to comply
4.1. If events attributable to the Trekking Lagoon determine the postponement or cancellation of the activity, the client may choose to reimburse the entire registration or change its registration to another activity of equivalent price. If the other activity chosen is of lower or higher price, the customer will be entitled to the refund or must pay the difference, respectively. If a new date is proposed for the activity, the client may choose to keep his / her registration if the minimum number of participants indicated in the program of each activity is met

5. Amendments
5.1. In order to ensure greater safety and well-being in carrying out the activities, Lagoa Trekking reserves the right to change the time, place and structure of the same in case there are conditions unrelated to the company, which require, for example conditions meteorological conditions that are not conducive to sports.

6. Support transport
6.1. It consists of transportation of the customer’s luggage between the accommodation at the end of one step and the next, as defined in the activities that include this service. The client must have prepared the luggage before starting his / her stage and the Lagoa Trekking agrees to make it available in the accommodation according to the itinerary. It is forbidden to include in this baggage money, credit cards, personal documents (identity card, airline tickets, passport, etc.) or any other document whose loss may entail complications in the normal course of the trip. Lagoa Trekking is not responsible for the non-compliance by the customer of this prohibition. The customer must also inform if he or she carries a fragile item and packs it properly.

7. Insurance
7.1. In the programs organized by Lagoa Trekking, the client will have to have personal accident insurance ?, provided by Lagoa Trekking or presenting proof of personal policy.

8. Customer responsibility
8.1. The client must respect the established schedules for the beginning of the activities as well as the intermediate schedules that are defined by the guide of the same. Delays, in addition to manifesting a lack of care towards the other participants, may imply the impossibility of performing part of the activity.
8.2. The client is responsible for choosing a program that is appropriate to his / her abilities, physical preparation and health status and also to provide personal information in advance of the beginning of the activity.
8.3. The client must follow the environmental recommendations and legal or established rules as long as the program is in accordance with the guide’s instructions and respect the rights and privacy of the other participants in the program.
8.4. There will be no refund if the customer is late for an activity or finishes early, or if they do not enjoy a meal or service included in the program.
8.5. At the time of registration, the Trekking Lagoon must be informed of any specific feeding or other needs.

9. Limitation of Liability
9.1. Trekking Lagoon is not liable for bodily injury or property damage as a result of (and not limited to): physical exhaustion due to inadequate program to the physical capabilities of the participant; transport; adventure sports activities; breakage or failure of equipment; nature forces; consumption of alcoholic beverages; imprisonment or abduction; terrorism; lack or limited access to drugs or medical care in remote locations; altitude sickness; and adequacy of medical care when provided.

10. Using photos and images
10.1. Any customer image captured during our activities can be used by the company at no cost and without the right to pay the customer, in illustration of promotional and advertising material of the company such as catalogs, slides, posters, videos and the Internet. Whenever they are minors, Lagoa Trekking undertakes to safeguard the identity of its clients as much as possible, publishing only photographs where its recognition is not immediate.